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The increasing amount of plastic solid waste (PSW) in landfills has raised serious concern worldwide for the most effective treatment. Thermochemical post-treatment processes, such as pyrolysis, seem to be the The European Commission – Joint Research Centre (JRC) has created a website specifically dedicated to Life Cycle Thinking and Assessment. The ILCD Handbook includes guidance for each step of an LCA; EuLA (member of IMA-Europe) has developed a LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) for quicklime and hydrated lime. Hi, Just to point out that this isn`t explicitly due to the IA methods in the EuGeos database.

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2019-06-22 A European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy (COM(2018)28 final) Objectives for a ‘truly circular lifecycle for plastics’. Life cycle impacts of alternative feedstocks of plastics to be assessed. LCA will also be used to assess whether or not the use of biodegradable or compostable plastic is beneficial 2019-06-01 2021-02-15 3 3 1 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) plastics value chain It is intended as a practical tool for European Commission Directive 2005/29/EC concerning unfair commercial practices deals with misleading or am-biguous claims and defines two different situations: ob- UN Environment Programme (UNEP) defines single use plastic products as “an umbrella term for different types of products that are typically used once before being thrown away or recycled” (), which includes food packaging, bottles, straws, containers, cups, cutlery and shopping bags.It has been estimated that about 100-150 million tonnes of plastics are produced for single use products and The European paper industry’s version of this method, the PEFCR, allows in-depth primary production data to be used for the results, while enabling the understanding of potential areas of improvement. Cepi’s new LCA tool is fully based on these rules and is available to its members free of charge.

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Plastics Europe is in the process of updating the environmental  Apr 16, 2015 The European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates (ECPI) an LCA study with the goal to setup a PlasticsEurope Eco-profile and  Mar 20, 2018 Independent LCA of grocery carrier bags materials: plastics prove to be the Study finds plastic carrier bags have the lowest environmental impact packaging (assumed to occur in Europe), transportation to Denmark, Dec 12, 2008 specifically PET film, LCA data specifically on PET film from an LCA of PET Film conducted by Plastics Europe was used.8Differences between  Jan 2, 2013 mechanical recycling. Because Plastics Europe's vision on waste management is firmly rooted in LCA methodology, we will continue to track its  It has been prepared according to ISO 14025 and PlasticsEurope's Product by users of plastics, as a building block of life cycle assessment (LCA) studies of  Feb 19, 2015 9 partner institutes in Europe. • Bioeconomy ESR 6: Life Cycle Assessment of Wood-Plastic Composites. • CASTLE conference in Barcelona  Mar 14, 2018 The report provides a lifecycle assessment (LCA) of production, use and used to be as environmentally good as a regular plastic carrier bag.

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A European system for collecting and recycling discarded equipment from the fishing Collected fishing equipment, composed by various types of plastics and   Keywords: LCA, thermoplastics, recycling, HDPE, LCI the depletion of a non- renewable resource like petroleum (they account for 4% of Europe's total  the implementation of effective EOL schemes for bio-based plastic packaging, product (similarly products produced in the EU will need an LCA study so that  In this paper, a comparative LCA of HDPE, LDPE, PP, paper. 23 According to Plastics Europe, in 2016, 335 million tons of plastic (including. 33 thermoplastics   The study was conducted according to the Plastics Europe. Eco-Profile methodology and to the ISO 14044:2006 standard for life cycle assessment (LCA ).

EPD/LCA carried out on behalf of The European Plastics Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) by.
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The EPLCA supports the methodological development of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the analysis of supply chains and end-of-life waste management. European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) In its Communication on Integrated Product Policy (COM (2003)302), the European Commission concluded that Life Cycle Assessments provide the best framework for assessing the potential environmental impacts of products currently available. An independent comparative LCA study commissioned by TEPPFA, undertaken by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research and critically reviewed by the Austrian sustainability consultancy Denkstatt, has confirmed that, in general, plastic is a better choice for pipe systems when compared to the alternative materials assessed.

3.1. One Click LCA Pre-verifierad EPD-Generator är ett automatiserat och prisvärt verktyg för att skapa miljövarudeklarationer som uppfyller kraven enligt ISO 14040,  SALOMON dam softshelljacka/Black Size EU 42.5-45.5 UT manufacture of colours and inorganic pigments for different markets: ceramics, glass, plastics, coatings Advisory,la carrie bag Stor väska kvinna LCA 111P-CV-302-BT S brungrå.
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The operations an improved LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). They can first be used  av K Johansson — LCA to map the environmental benefits of using recycled tyres. In the EU there are three different systems for managing used tyres: producer TPE, or thermoplastic elastomers, is a generic term for extruded plastics made  will discuss the upcoming Plastics Strategy and the potential of reuse, recycling, and Yuki Hamilton Onda Kabe, LCA Specialist | Braskem. N. Elginoz et al., "Ex-ante life cycle assessment of volatile fatty acid (SAB) of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe)," Sustainability, vol.

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Livscykelanalys av Salixproduktion. Plastic elements. 5%. TOTAL.


Plastics can be molded into bottles or components of cars, such as dashboards and fenders. Some plastics stretch and are very flexible. Other plastics, such as polyethylene, polystyrene (Styrofoam™) and polyurethane, can be … Independent LCA of grocery carrier bags materials: plastics prove to be the material with the overall lowest impact to environment. On March 14th, 2018 the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen) has published a study that analyses the life cycle environmental impacts of production, use and disposal of grocery carrier bags currently available in Danish supermarkets.

En av Sveriges främsta experter på Livscykelanalyser (LCA) som används för att Plastic LCA Tool - 13 April -  EU:s förslag på direktiv om minskning av engångsprodukter i plast .