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Maximum drilling diameter: 30 mm in wood, 15 mm in brick, 13 mm in steel. Maximum torque: 40 Nm. Parkside Pap 20 A1 Online-Anleitung: Introduction, Intended Use, Features, Package Contents, Technical Data. Congratulations On The Purchase Of Your New Appli- Ance . You Have Chosen A High-Quality Product . The Operating Instructions Are Part Of This Product . They Contain Important 20 V. EAN: 4019641063332.

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4 │ GB│CY PAP 20 A1 To charge the battery pack, use only the following high-speed battery charger: X20V Team Serie (not supplied) INPUT: Rated voltage: 230–240 V ∼, 50 Hz (AC) Rated power consumption: 65 W Fuse (internal): T3.153 .15 A A OUTPUT: Rated voltage: 21 .5 V (DC) Rated current: 2 .4 A Charging time: approx . 60 min BATERIA PARKSIDE PAP 16 A1 16V LI-ION Z ŁADOWARKĄ PLG 16A1 . Skład zestawu: bateria ładowarka SPRZĘT SPRAWNY TECHNICZNIE STAN WIZUALNY WIDOCZNY NA ZDJĘCIACH Po otrzymaniu zakupionego towaru, bardzo prosimy o wystawienie komentarza, dowiemy się że zakupiony przedmiot dotarł na miejsce i transakcja dobiegła końca. Der Akku ist nicht mit Parkside Akku PAP 12-Li A1 (Art.-Nr. 80001137) und auch nicht mit dem Parkside PABSW 10.8V Akku (4511339) kompatibel! Der Unterschied zu allen anderen Akkus ist der Steg am Plus und Minus Pol (siehe Bilder). Dieser Akku passt nicht in das Ladegerät PLG 12-Li A1 (80001316) und PABSW 10.8 B3 (80001078).

HP Photosmart Wireless B110 series

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Parkside X team 20V 2Ah Battery. Compatible with all tools in the Parkside 20V series. Compatible with Parkside "X Team" Series.

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Pap 16 a1 battery

PAP 20 A3. Charger for X20V Team Serie PLG 20 A1 2,4A.

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Parkside Batteri 16 V 2,0 Ah EU 80001189 PAP16 PKGA 16

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Parkside Replacement Battery Li-Ion PAP 16. 16V 2.0Ah. For Parkside combination device battery PKGA 16 A1. Powerful 16 volt lithium-ion battery (2.0 Ah) with charge level indicator. Item 80001189. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Parkside Battery 16v 2.0ah EU 80001189 Pap16 PKGA 16 A1 Combined Unit Ian 285087 at the best online prices at eBay!

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